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Chemical Weekly has been unfailingly serving the cause of the chemical industry, since 1955, to be now accorded a status few industry publications can claim to have! is India's Prime Export News Portal which publishes latest Market updates & promote Indian Companies overseas. portal helps Indian firms to explore & promote their products & services overseas.

Souq AlDawaa is the first Egyptian pharmaceutical news portal launched in Arabic language since 2020, dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry news; offering on the spot rich flow of media coverage in Egypt and beyond.

The platform provides a dynamic, and reliable content for latest news in both the medical, and pharmaceutical sectors. Souq AlDawaa is connected to all the whole industry’s value chain circles be it locally, regionally, or internationally

The Kable is a weekday newsletter that examines the day’s news and events at the intersection of human and animal health, climate change and environmental science to give you a unique perspective on healthcare opportunities and potential gaps in NEEs (newly emerging economies) and LMICs (low and middle-income countries).

We curate
- global news with the potential to advance health equity, shape opinion or inform business decisions. 
- regional stories that can transform life sciences, shape the global discourse or impact the world at large.

Our readers can choose from our forever-free Friday edition or our premium daily Kable with occasional longish reads, market reports and exclusive features.

Subscribe at is officially launched  in

 October 2015 with the goal of  providing better products and services. ECHEMI is the world's leading digital cross-border chemical B2B platform, aiming at helping our platform buyers  analyze the market and purchase high  quality chemicals, and in the meanwhile,  assisting platform suppliers to promote their superior products.