Topic: How to Maintain Personal Hygiene in Cleanrooms in order to reach contamination-free medical products

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel | President DITTEL Cleanroom, President of DRRI and AIT

Date: 13th of August 2020

Duration: 1 hour

Streaming live 13th of August, 2020, from 2:00 PM EET | 12:00 PM GMT


Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel

Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel, born in 1957, has a degree in mechanical engineering. After his studies of mechanical engineering, he worked as a construction design supervisor and project manager in the industry before founding DITTEL Cleanroom Engineering in Kochel am See/ Ried in Upper Bavaria in 1993. Dittel earned his doctorate at California State University & Institute USA in the Department of Neuronal Human Implants

After a structural reorganization of DITTEL Engineering, which was made by the 01st of June 2009, and the transfer of the management for engineering to his son Florian Dittel, now, Prof. Dittel takes the position of President for the whole company.

DITTEL Engineering designs supervises and qualifies cleanroom production facilities in turn-key, especially in pharmaceutics, cosmetics, medical engineering, microelectronics, optics, mechanics, and plastics engineering. The company has customers based in Europe, the USA and in Asia.

Professor Dittel lectures on cleanroom technology at Carinthia University Villach, Austria. He also holds a professorship for ”Cleanroom Technologies“ at the Xian Jiaotong Technical University in China.

Dittel is president of the DRRI (German Institute of Cleanroom Technology) and the AIT (Adriatic Institute of Technology), a member of the German Expert Committee in Cleanroom Technology managed by VDI. Furthermore, Dittel is head of several national and international regulatory organizations.

Dittel was a member of the German Mirror group, managed by DIN and ISO furthermore he was the vice president of the organization for 25 years.

In this webinar, Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel will navigate through the following:

  • The sources of contamination
  • The effect of contamination
  • How to assure a contamination free process/product?

Find out why you should join this webinar:

  • Developing the understanding of the personnel working in cleanrooms
  • Preventing the risk of contamination caused by the humans in cleanrooms
  • Optimizing the production process and minimizing the wasted products through contamination
  •  Securing the personnel/patients from infection through transporting contaminated particles

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