Did you know... sponsorship increases the attraction of your target audience by 104%?*

Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company's image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive.

By sponsoring Pharmaconex 2018 or by taking advantage of the various branding opportunities, you will be given the unique chance to enhance company visibility and image while also demonstrating the essence of your brand. This will ensure that your specific goals are achieved while maximising return on investment.

Sponsorship opportunities can be individually tailored to ensure that your marketing budget is directed to the areas of greatest opportunity for your company. We will develop a sponsorship programme that ensures your company's brand and key information is placed in front of the right people at the right time, helping you meet and influences the people who are going to ensure the growth of your business now and in the future. The tailored package will position you within the industry as market leaders, not only in the Africa but worldwide.

Marketing Support

Pharmaconex 2018 benefits from a structured and integrated marketing campaign through the use of various marketing channels which is specifically designed to target the correct audience. This leads to significant media coverage prior, during and after the event.

Our sponsorship and branding solutions will position your business as a market leader within the Middle East and North Africa's pharmaceutical industry.