Access to medicines - A national and continental security

Why the case of having a self-sufficient Pharmaceutical Industry transcends economics – A case of Coronavirus and Development Institutions.


Hygiene technology versus coronavirus

Classifying certain professions as "systemically relevant" is easy. Actually, protecting them effectively against imminent infections is much more challenging. The trade and public authorities still too seldom rely on technical protective equipment that has long been available

Hygiene instead of Hysteria - Part Two

In terms of hygiene, there are enormous differences between the hospitals of the world. Although there are differences between EU countries, compared to African standards there is still a huge quality gap in the handling of hygiene. Most existing operating theatres in Germany do not correspond to the state of the art today. Many are around 30 years old. Investments in the future, out of place!

What is the always so elegantly and sloppily said standard saying of some surgeons about an operation?

Hygiene instead of Hysteria - Part One

Medicine meets technology - Only through planning we can reach this goal!

With new concepts, cleanroom technology is returning to its roots - the fight against germs in hospitals.

Thanks to better hygiene and lower energy consumption, healthcare costs are reduced


The Future of Drug Manufacturing

As biopharma manufacturing requirements shift and evolve, technologies such as digitization, automation and AI all come very much to the fore. With Big Pharma increasingly focusing on R&D and marketing as its core competencies, is the onus falling on CDMOs to blaze a trail in redefining manufacturing to cater for the growing complexity of biologics development?

Scaling up and speeding up: pharma’s manufacturing challenges during COVID-19

As biopharma searches for vaccines and treatments to alleviate the crisis, how can companies manage shortened timelines to rapidly develop and manufacture safe and effective products on a global scale? A recent Endpoints webinar sheds some light

Characterizing virus and virus-like particles

New application study describes the separation and characterisation of adeno associated virus serotypes by AF4.

In a new application study, Postnova Analytics reports that its latest generation of Asymmetrical Flow Field Flow Fractionation (AF4) systems are providing labs worldwide with a uniquely powerful technique to characterize and quantitate virus and virus-like particles.

China focused on meeting international API demand amid pandemic, say officials

China is stepping up its efforts to produce and ship active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), with a focus on meeting international demand, particularly for those showing potential to treat the COVID-19 disease, according to Chinese officials on Tuesday

Why Pharma Industry Should Target Middle East & Africa Market?

The Middle East and North Africa is the region that is earmarked for quick expansion of the pharmaceutical sector. According to research, the Pharmaceutical market has reached $25B in value in 2018, with a short-term growth of 13% from 2017 to 2018. This robust market is forecasted to grow to $60B by 2025.

Global pharmaceuticals praise Egypt’s efforts to develop investment climate

A number of companies have extended their investments, with more to come in upcoming years

A number of global pharmaceutical enterprise representatives have said they are willing to expand their investments in Egypt, benefiting from Egypt’s location and potential as a regional hub for the MENA region.