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Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook

Pharmaceutical Industry in the Mena region

The MENA region is rapidly developing and extremely diverse, spanning both countries at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology as well as emerging economies. According to Trade Arabia, the territory’s pharmaceutical market stands to grow to USD 60 billion by 2025 driven by significant growth in the UAE as well as in North African giants Egypt and Algeria.

Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt

Egypt’s pharmaceutical market is among the most attractive in the MENA region. With the reforming economic and regulatory environment, there has been an increase in interest and investment from multinational pharmaceutical companies to enter this market. Egypt’s healthcare market is set for a period of transformation as Egypt is attempting to achieve universal healthcare access through the implementation of a comprehensive health insurance system.

Gypto Pharma - Middle East biggest pharma city in Egypt


Also known as the Medicine City, inaugurated in April 2021 and covering 180,000 sqm. The city is one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East as it will include 160 manufacturing lines and 150 types of medicines by 2023.

Gypto Pharma uses the latest technologies and automated machines to ensure production is of the highest quality. This will increase cooperation between the state and the private sector to transform Egypt into a regional center for the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East.