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How can you be more sustainable as an exhibitor?

Below is what you as an exhibitor at Pharmaconex can do to help us run Pharmaconex responsibly and inspire others through innovation and sustainability.

Stand build and design

When you contract a stand designer/builder for the event, are you thinking about the following?

  • Can your stand be re-used at other events you attend?
  • How can the stand waste be minimised?
  • Are they aware and compliant with the Health & Safety regulations?
  • Do you know who the end company building your stand is? Are they compliant?
  • Can you reduce the stand build time by having pre-fabricated build & save money?
  • How can you lower your environmental impact by checking their shipping method?

Event promotional collateral

Reduce your paper output by switching to digital alternatives;. If you do need to print or have promotional materials produced, make sure they are made from eco-friendly sources.

Be digitally present

Use Pharmaconex website for event info as we keep updating the website with all the new information. Make sure you engage with the Pharmaconex community throughout the year on social media.



Promote your company’s and products sustainability credentials – let visitors know what you are doing to support the pharmaceutical industry.

Re-use and Re-fill

Bring your re-usable water bottle and take advantage of our water re-fill stations throughout the exhibition. Utilise the many recycling facilities for other waste. 


On your final departure day and when you no longer required the lanyard, please make sure to keep it in our lanyard recycling bins.

Travel green

Reduce your carbon foot print by making use of the public transport to and from the event. Pharmaconex will also arrange special free transportation, the information of the .free transportation will be available on our website.

Be part of our community

Take part in our initiative of being sustainable and play a role in helping our markets improve its own sustainability.