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It’s no secret that all African countries are net importers of pharmaceutical products. A Brookings report claims that, as of 2019, in the $14 billion sub-Saharan African pharma market, 70 to 90% of drugs consumed were imported. As for vaccines, the picture isn’t much rosier – Africa accounts for 25% of global vaccine demand but only 0.1% of vaccine production.


People have been chasing the healthy and clean eating movements for decades, always chasing the next ingredient. Advancements in the nutritional sciences have helped us truly understand what ingredients and food products can actually do for us. 

Taking a digital transformation leap into the future

Digital transformation is the latest buzzword. Simply put, it refers to the adoption and implementation of new and emerging digital technologies within an organization to improve or create new products, services, or processes. 

It Pays To Be More Sustainable

Acid rain, global warming, melting polar ice caps — companies are moving towards more sustainable means of manufacturing regardless of the industry they are in. Whether they are driven by an authentic desire to reduce harm to the planet.

Packing it up with AI

AI can also be used after the product has left the factory. The global market for smart packaging is expected to reach $26.7 billion by next year. Currently, it mostly consists of embedded sensor technology that can provide consumers with vital information such as freshness, viability, and even dose reminders. 

It all starts in the Lab

Every pharmaceutical lab, regardless of size, needs equipment. Even the least technologically advanced premises require specialized devices to help technicians perform their jobs. From simple digital scales to pill filling machines, equipment plays an integral role in research, development, and manufacturing. 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and why they matter

Unless you have never taken a pharmaceutical drug in your life, then you have taken an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). All drugs are made up of two things: the major active ingredient which is the API and an excipient which is an inactive compound that can be thought of as a carrier component.